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In 2018, in participation with the city’s efforts to rezone the Gowanus neighborhood, XØ Projects Inc. and LMS Realty Associates LLC, completed a comprehensive feasibility study exploring approaches to expand The Old American Can Factory’s facilities and community in both scale and scope.

Two plans emerged with a preferred scheme recommending a zoning lot merger with the adjacent vacant lot, which will yield a total of 450,000 SF of building on the new 1.5 acre zoning lot. In this scheme, all the existing historic structures remain with no displacement of existing tenants or interruption of services, even during construction.

The expanded complex would accommodate exhibition, performance and event spaces accessible to the public, at the street level. A high-rise building would house workspace for non-profit organizations, publishers and designers on the lower floors with work-live residential units for artists, artisans and other cultural professionals on the floors above. A percentage of the residential units would be dedicated for senior practitioners in addition to a portion dedicated to affordable housing under MIH zoning regulations. A library, dining and meeting facilities will occupy the top floor, crowned by an array of water tanks. The existing factory buildings would generally remain for light industrial and cultural workspace.

This plan exemplifies many of the stated goals of the city’s Gowanus Neighborhood Plan and other city-wide policy goals, including to:  preserve/provide space for light/artisan manufacturing uses and good jobs;  preserve/provide space for public arts & cultural uses;  preserve/provide studios for artists;  provide housing for artists; provide housing for seniors; provide affordable housing;  preserve/enhance historic buildings, and; reinforce the overall ‘mixed-use’ life and character that is Gowanus.

The expanded complex will be known as INDUSTRIANA®GC at The (OA) Can Factory.

Additional project information may be provided upon request.

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