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  1. APPLY: Email a completed application to sadie(at) Get Application here
  2. REVIEW: Within 7 days, we’ll respond with comments and questions, if any, and inform whether suitable space is available
  3. MEET/ZOOM: If a suitable space is available, we’ll schedule and conduct the first interview via zoom
  4. MEET/VISIT: If the candidate and space seem a match, we’ll schedule and conduct an in-person meeting and tour
  5. FINANCIALS: If the space is right, and the cost low-high range is within budget, we’ll ask for and review financial information.
  6. PROPOSE: Following the financial review, we’ll prepare and send a proposal in the form of a Term Sheet for consideration.
  7. OFFER: If the terms of the proposal are acceptable, we’ll email a Lease and Rider for consideration
  8. SIGN LEASE: If the Lease & Rider are acceptable, we will schedule a convenient time to sign at our office, if possible, and to receive other relevant items, i.e. security deposit check, ID, etc.